This is the SmugMug Images & Videos for Al Celmer.

Greenwich Presbyterian Church

The Sky was replaced in Photoshop and I played with the color grading.

This is the “Just For Fun Photography" pages for Al Celmer. I have been taking snap shots since a young age. Mostly family and places I happen to go with a camera. I really had no idea what photography was. I did attempt to develop a few rolls of film as a child but just for a short time. Most of my rolls of film were developed and printed by shops set up for that purpose. There was a time when I had slides made in lieu of prints.

Soon after college (1962) I purchased a “good” camera, as I recall it was around $250.00. It was a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic, a 35mm single - lens reflex with built-in-light meter. I still have it. Do not remember when I stopped using it. I did have a number of other cameras over the years and even had a VCR camera. Now I mostly use two digital cameras, a Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark lll and a Canon EOS R, and a mobile phone with a camera or is it a camera with a phone (Android). When viewing an image clicking on the “i” icon will give you information about the camera used.

It has only been in the last few years (2018-2019) that I have come to some understanding of what all the dials and settings on a camera did. Do not recall what I knew when I used the Pentax. Most of the time before, even with “good “digital cameras I would put the dial on “A” and jpg and point and shoot. Even if you know what all the dials and settings do, know the exposure triangle, know what makes a great and artful composition in the end it all comes down to pointing your camera and taking a shot.

I am not good at organizing and categorizing things, including the mages here. If you happen to come back here over time you may see a different organization as I refine my structure and categories. Since a single image could fit in multiple genres you may see the same image in multiple galleries. Over time I will also be adding more images and even may remove some that I no longer like or find interesting. I may even “improve the quality and artistic appearance of images” as I learn more and acquire skills in the available software that can process digital images.

Anyway, if you happen to find an image you like leave a comment. You will need to set up a free account to comment or you can send me an email, click on the envelope icon. Also, SmugMug allows you to buy prints, I do not get any money if you do with my type of account. I believe I have set up my pages to allow you to do so.

Most of all relax and enjoy the show.